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Sreyas IT Solutions Pvt Ltd Obtains Another Feedback on Clutch

In a modern business environment, IT has become a core function that allows companies to improve their other departments. Most of the time, however, IT resources are costly, limiting their accessibility, especially toward SMEs. Fortunately, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) provide their clients with everything they need to have a fully operational IT service. Sreyas IT [...]

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Sreyas IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Top-Rated Developer!

We strive to be the absolute best IT development and solution provider company. As the software industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, being the best is increasingly difficult, but we’re up for the challenge. Our client-first mentality sets us apart from millions of other developers, as does our expertise in a wide range [...]

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How to render block in Drupal 8 theme template.

Drupal's theme system allows a theme to have nearly complete control over the appearance of the site, which includes both the markup and the CSS used to style the markup. For this system to work, modules, instead of writing HTML markup directly, need to return "render arrays", which are structured hierarchical arrays that include the [...]

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