C tools Modal Popup and Theming in Drupal 7

Using the power of Ctools module we can create our own custom popups. Here is an example how to use Ctools to create a popup up to Update Profile Picture. Also theming of popup can be done with the help of a js file, which we can alter accordingly. <?php  Drupal.theme.prototype.CToolsProfilePictureModal = function () { [...]

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Some fast tips on a way to create the foremost of your SMO efforts. 1. Integrate Social icons into your web site Social sharing icons ought to be integrated in your website design. embrace direct web links to your social media channels from your website and from your social profiles back to your web site. [...]

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How to render block in Drupal 8 theme template.

Drupal's theme system allows a theme to have nearly complete control over the appearance of the site, which includes both the markup and the CSS used to style the markup. For this system to work, modules, instead of writing HTML markup directly, need to return "render arrays", which are structured hierarchical arrays that include the [...]

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