Extension/Plugin is a small software which helps in extending the website functionality. New features can be added or an existing feature can be extended using an extention/Plugin. Plugins are very useful when you need to add a new feature to your existing site. The extention/plugin created by us is well structured and free of bugs. It has been tested in many platforms to make sure it serves your need in a better way.

Available Plugins/Extensions

360 Degree Product View

Product 360 degree rotate is a magento extension that allows you to present your product pages in a best possible way. It allows you to show a 360° view along with spin right and left option for any product. The extension is responsive and supports all major devices and browsers.

As the customers can view the product from every angle, they will have the feeling of walking into a store and choosing an item. This will highly motivate them to buy the product.

Main Features

  • 360 View button in product page.
  • Popup with 360° images 
  • Auto rotate on popup load
  • Navigation buttons to play/pause view.
  • Spin left/right option
  • Delete option for extracted images in backend.
  • Support any number of images
  • Responsive design

Easy Shortcode Generator

Easy Shortcode Generator is a unique shortcode generator wordpress plugin that you can use in the post editor, page and text widgets. The most attractive feature of this plugin is that its frontend layout can be customized easily. While all other shortcode generators provide a limited number of layout, this plugin comes with a customizable layout to meet the user requirements, other than the default layout provided. HTML tags can be added while creating the shortcode which makes this plugin more flexible. Users can change the order of title, content, image, etc. Easy shortcode support for all types of post types, including custom post type. It additionally provides sorting, ordering, pagination and content trim functionality. This plugin seems to be simple but it satisfies all the designer needs.

Main Features

  • Unlimited shortcodes can be created
  • One-click shortcode insertion
  • Works with any theme
  • Responsive design
  • The custom layout can be created
  • Easily manageable
  • Custom HTML editor available with each shortcode
  • Users can change the order of title, content, image etc
  • HTML tags are provided to style the display format
  • Support for all types of post type, including custom post type
  • Provides sorting, ordering, pagination and content trim functionality 
  • Multi-language support
  • You can add the shortcode on any page, post or widget content
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