Hire Magento Developer :

The Sreyas IT solution is a leading web development company based in India serving international clients since 8+ years. We have dedicated professionals for Magento development services.

Planning to migrate your website to Magento?

Our dedicated Magento developers work with challenging requirements and provide the best solutions. Create a beautiful website with our Magento experts.

Our Valuable Services :

  • Website Design
    Create user-friendly interfaces, that make to increase your website visitors and that leads to high traffic and conversion rate.

  • Website Development
    Create an awesome website with magento platform, that can increase your website visitors easily.

  • Magento migration
    Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x migration

 Our magento developers have very deep knowledge of it,

Some Magento upgrade services are,

  • Upgrading Magento core version to the latest version.
  •  Magento security patches installation.
  •  Magento theme and plugin update.

  • Mobile App Development

    Create stunning Magento mobile apps, that quickly impress your quality customers.
  • Magento Support
    We provide continuous maintenance and support for your online business.

    Magento Performance Optimization

    With magento performance optimization,

  •  Leads to minimize the page loading time.
  • Enhance the engagement and website rankings.
  • Increase sales and revenue.