Project Description


Case Study


Drivers Domain offering advanced driving courses for  UK businesses. They are mainly concentrated on providing defensive and fleet driver training to companies in the UK, also offer services for individual customers.

Clients requirements

  • The client wanted us to make a responsive website with a cms platform.

  • Implementing a booking system and payment functionality on the website. 

  • They also wanted to generate high website traffic through search engine optimization (SEO)


  • Booking system implementation.

  • Payment functionality integration.

  • Drivers Domain needed  SEO help because of their biggest competitor. The client came to us, looking to increase sales, grow traffic, and promote their brand.

Suggested Solutions

  • We have successfully implemented the booking system on the website for both private customers and business customers. 

  • Payment functionality integration.
    Paypal payment gateway, it provides secure transactions for both customers and owners.

  • We implemented the latest SEO strategies for high website traffic. 

  • We have created a responsive website for both mobile phones and desktop.



Driversdomainuk website was built with drupal7, We have successfully implemented the booking system and payment gateway for a secure transaction. We have also used several SEO strategies for attaining more website visitors. Now the website was responsive for all devices.