Project Description


Case Study



Clients requirements

MarieNorman is a service providing company and helps their partners in board recruitments, board search, and advisory services. They focused on a strong relationship with their clients. The client required a professional business website that connects them with boards and executives from around the world that would enhance their service and hence increase the profit.
The website should showcase their services in a professional way and should be highly secure and they required video content delivery for customers around the world.

Suggested Solutions

The website’s content – design is managed with the help of WordPress and the Avada theme. And looks equally good on mobile, tablets and desktop. We explored all wordpress features which will be flexible enough to suit the needs of the client. WordPress is simple to handle as well as easy to maintain.
Avada theme providing a flexible view for users. Our service package includes WordPress theme, website design, social media integration, and additional options like video, forums, testimonials, etc.


Some building components on the website.

  • WordPress plugins developed and supported by our WordPress experts. 

  • Avada theme implementation.

  • An autoplay video is added on the front page.

  • Testimonials added at the bottom of the home page.

  • SSL certificate for high security.



We have created a professional business website in WordPress cms, a complete solution for galleries, testimonials, services, etc. And the website is now responsive across all devices such as mobile, tablets and desktop.

  • Increase in website traffic was reported.
  • All the client requirements were met.
  • Improve User Performance