1. Permalink

Use permalink for individual blog post.

In wordpress dashboard, go to settings>permalinks> then you will see the several options for url structure.

The least seo friendly url is plain url and post name is the most seo friendly url.

Post name :(sample-post)
Custom Structure: /%postname%/

  • Remove www from your permalink.
  • Use permalink categories.

2. Create xml sitemap to your website.

  • The xml file shows the full structure of your website.
sitemap seo

3. Google analytics

Google analytics gives the all website data report. The analytic tool which includes, website traffic, source of your website traffic, site speed, page views, demographics, conversions, bounce rate and more. 

4. Use optimized themes

Various themes are available in your wordpress website. Choose a beautiful theme , optimized for the search engines like google, bing yahoo etc.

  • Use canonical url
  • Use proper HTML Structure.
  • Open graph meta tag