These days almost every business personal have a website, there are many ways to make the websites attractive, content rich, responsive so that websites can be seen in different devices without any problem. There are many perfectly structured templates that any one can make use of to get an attractive websites. But after all their changes and designs most of the websites lack the speed and performance the website needed. Google and many other search engines relies on the speed and performance of the websites also when they list the website in search result. So what basically happens is even after successfully creating mind blowing website for your business no one really end upon visiting the website. In short no digital reach and no online business from your website. Here we are trying to list down some of the core points on creating an effective WordPress website for your business.

  • Choosing the right domain name.
  • Choosing the right hosting provider
  • Choosing the latest WordPress profile
  • Choosing the right plugins
  • Choosing the right template
  • Choosing the right font
  • Choosing the right colors
  • Choosing the right images
  • Choosing the right caching system
  • Choosing the right Html minifier
  • Choosing the right optimization plugin
  • Choosing the right CDN
  • Choosing the right security plugin
  • Choosing the right backup plan
  • Choosing the right contact form
  • Choosing the right spam protection

Its really hard to find some nice domain for your business as most of the general names terms has already been registered and occupied. There are many methods to find the best domain name for your website. If you could identify the needs of your business and related terms there would be plenty of domain name to choose from. The first option would be to give it a try in the domain registrar search field itself.

sreyas domain registration service

If you are lucky enough to find using your business name then choose the best. Else you could try out the domain name using different TLD. Top level domain names can be useful in many ways you could use something related to your country, for example united states business can use .us, Indian business can use .in or, Australian business can use .au etc.

Another method is to make use of the TLD that support you business. There are many newly introduced TLD such as .holiday, .marketing, .agency, .dance, .vacations etc.

Even if then you are not able to identify one good domain why dont you combine the business name with your location or your service etc. For example one of my client is using, here he have merged drivers domain and his country uk to get successfull domain name. Another example here we have combined sreyas and solutions to get our portfolio domain name.

WordPress Hosting provider

There are many type of hosting providers that you can choose. If you are having really small wordpress website then  I would recommend going with some shared hosting plans which would be cost effective. We can provide different low cost shared hosting service for you here. This is really suitable for small personal websites and small business websites etc.

But when you have really large WordPress website and really good traffic there are higher plans like VPS, Dedicated server etc. This would require you or your development team have better understanding on the hosting platforms, and server administration etc. Unless you have a dedicated administrator available we would not recommend this plan for your because there are lot of complex maintenance tasks to be carried out and you would be all responsive for anything happening on the server and the regular backup etc. Choose VPS or Dedicated hosting iff you have the resources to manage it handy.

Another option we would suggest for your WordPress hosting is WPEngine They have very good support for your large WordPress website installation. You have few more advanced options available inbuilt such as CDN, regular backup, staging environment etc.

Similar to the WPEngine provider we would also like to recommend Pantheon who have been providing exceptionally good services for our different clients. They also have good backup, dev, test and live envinroment and also have this option of inviting your developer without giving out the full access.